Surprise: In China electric toothbrushes are twice as expensive as in USA

The other day I forgot my electric toothbrush in my London hotel room. I figured that because of the great competition in many Chinese products markets, I would be able to buy one more cheaply when I would arrive in China the following week. I had read about price wars in microwave ovens, TV sets, etc.  And did not Chinese manufacturers bring down theprice of solar panels to such a low level that Westerns firms went out of business in larger numbers in the past few years.  So yesterday I set out to buy myself an electronic toothbrush. The prices at a large electronics store in my neighborhood in Shanghai was shockingly high. Next I went online. Even online the best deal I could find was substantially more expensive then in USA.  The same electric toothbrush (Oral-B Professional Healthy CleanPrecision 1000) on Amazon  USA  costs $39.99; on Amazon China it sells for US$  78.28 (RMB 480).   No wonder I am told exchange students are being asked to bring electronic gadgets back from abroad. I wonder if I can find any high quality Chinese imitations, as is the case in smartphones. In the meantime I bought the expensive one on